TOP 12 GPS watches for running

TOP-12 GPS watches for running: detailed analysis by model.

1. Polar M400: Polar’s bid to gain market share within the average range of GPS watches has worked, but at the cost of allowing a significant price drop in online stores. Although its official price is 200 € with FC band, it can be found without problems for € 108 without a heart rate monitor and 158 with it. At that price, for many it is a gps watch more than perfect: an attractive design, various sport profiles, submersible, 8 hours of battery, activity monitoring and mobile connectivity. Only initial problems with the charging usb and the lack of vibration warnings can make Polar regulars prefer other watches like the Garmin FR15 or FR220, second and third of this list. You can read the review of this bestseller here and the comparisons we made in its day with the FR15 and with the FR220.

2. Garmin Forerunner 15: A basic, lightweight watch with enough autonomy for a marathon. With the particularity of being able to find it in two different sizes, it is better to fit all types of dolls. We have long written that this Forerunner could be a very good option as a first gps watch, and this second place in sales confirms, largely because of its low price. We can find it from € 114 with the frequency band included.

3. Garmin Forerunner 220: The watch that you may have recommended most times is strapped into the third position. In my opinion, it is the best value for money for “asfalteros” runners who start to make series or more complex training. Its 10 hours of battery life, vibration warnings and the programming of interval training from the clock itself are some of its strengths. Every time you see it in more dolls since we can find it from 155 €. You can read his full review on this link and the comparison we made with the Polar M400 in this other link.

4. Garmin Liveactive: A hybrid between activity bracelet, multi-sport gps watch and smart-watch. Of going quite unnoticed has happened in a few months to raise with this fourth position due to the boom of the activity bracelets and, above all, after selling for 75-80 € less of its official price (from 248 to 168 €). Its main virtue, along with its extra-fine design, is its swimming pool profile with which we can record the distance we swim. As it is not a specific watch for runners, the spectrum of potential buyers is much broader, so, as long as it remains on offer, it will remain in the top positions. You can read his full analysis in this article.

5. Garmin Forerunner 620: Garmin Forerunner 620: With this gps watch, there has been something common in Garmin, a high-end “top-of-the-range” that is more affordable (since 229) a few months after launching a new (and expensive) The Forerunner 630. In this article you can read his full analysis, but in short, it is a watch that has everything to train and compete in foot races. Until its price has dropped, although it had touch screen, cycling profile and race metrics, it was almost always more advisable to choose the FR220 as we concluded in the comparison between the two. Now the struggle between these two models is closer. A fifth place for that is arguably the best gps watch to run from the list.

6. Garmin Forerunner 10: The Cheapest Garmin Model. It has the basic functions that we ask a gps watch: measure pace and distance, light weight, alerts every kilometer, battery of 4 hours and everything for less than 100 euros (from 89 euros) and in two different sizes. A watch that is not located above the list because of the FR15 (2nd of the list), of identical appearance, but with a greater autonomy of battery and with the possibility to connect a pulsometer.

Of the top six, five of them are occupied by Garmin devices of its three ranges (low, medium and high), demonstrating the strength of this American company.

7. Tomtom Runner: We finally leave the Garmin devices and become the most resilient option for those looking for an affordable alternative to Garmin or Polar. From 121 € we have a clock with vibration warnings, accelerometer for running indoors, interval training modes and bluetooth connection. His training portal is not quite good although Tomtom already allows to raise the trainings directly to Strava, Nike + or Endomondo.

8. Garmin Forerunner 225: The version with integrated optical pulse monitor of the Forerunner 220 (No. 3 of the list) that will allow us to leave at home the uncomfortable heart rate band. In this article we detail what other new features with respect to the FR220. Enter this list of best sellers after a drop in the online stores of more than 25% (€ 219 on Amazon), placing it quite differently (€ 100) from the new model of Garmin with optical sensor, the FR235.

9. Suunto Ambit 2S: A watch from a brand specialized in mountain watches that enters this list due to the offer (from € 189) that the Wiggle store has on its website for several months. Although it lacks Bluetooth, this multi-sport watch is more than advisable for those riders who combine asphalt and mountain and who are looking for a watch with which to import routes to orient themselves while running or doing btt. In this link you can read your comparison with the new Ambit 3.

10. Garmin Forerunner 610: If we were to say that the FR620 was a lower limit for the output of a new model (FR630), with the FR610 we have the same situation. From 160 € we have a touchscreen clock, which although long in the market, is still a “high range.” Includes heart rate monitor, battery up to 8 hours, cycling mode and vibration alerts. You can read a comparison between this model and its successor (FR620) here.

11. Polar V800: The high-end watch for Polar Triathlon is always close to 300 €, but every so often we find it on offer for 230-250 € shooting its sales on those days. I am not an unconditional fan of this watch, but when at those prices, and after the updates I received (swimming open water and mobile notifications), I do not think a bad buy for those who practice triathlon. At a higher price, I would prefer the Forerunner 920xt.

12. Garmin Forerunner 310xt: To close the list we have this incombustible Garmin triathlon and long distance watch. Launched 8 years ago and with two new versions behind it (FR910xt and FR920xt), it still has its followers thanks to the 20 hours of autonomy, advanced training functions, the triathlon mode with registration of transitions, but especially for its low Price from 130 €. Although it does not allow the registration of swimming metrics is one of the clocks that more you will see in the dolls of many corridors, besides of its price, because it jumps to the sight to be quite bulky and orange

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